Pilar Prim

Cover picture(first published 1906)

Narcís Oller (1846 – 1930)
Language: Catalan

Pilar Prim is a young widow forced by the will of her dead husband to remain in this state if she does not want to lose the usufruct of the factory that her husband owned. On a trip to Puigcerdà, where Pilar Prim spends the summer with her daughter and son, she meets a very gallant man named Deberga, with whom she immediately develops a mutual affection. Pilar Prim’s brother-in-law, Robert Ortal, pressures the woman not to marry mister Deberga and therefore not to lose the usufruct from which he also benefits. Then, the action of the story moves to Barcelona, where the widow will fight against the social conventions of the bourgeoisie and the upper class. The widow is challenged to choose between love or the respect of her acquaintance. (summary by Wikipedia)

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