The Tale of Little Pig Robinson

(first published 1930)LittlePigRobinson_CoverArt

Beatrix Potter 1866-1943
Language: English

“Poor Pig Robinson Crusoe!
Oh, how in the world could they do so?
They have set him afloat, in a horrible boat,
Oh, poor pig Robinson Crusoe!” – from the book

The charming story of Robinson, the pig from Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and the Pussycat. Robinson is sent to market by his aunts, both of whom are two fat to go themselves. (Summary by Rachel)

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Total running time: 1:06:13 – Read in English by SweetPea – Rachel

1 – Chapter I – 09:04 min [download all sections]
2 – Chapter II – 07:00 min
3 – Chapter III – 08:10 min
4 – Chapter IV – 08:17 min
5 – Chapter V – 07:48 min
6 – Chapter VI – 10:29 min
7 – Chapter VII – 11:15 min
8 – Chapter VIII – 04:10 min

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