The Mysterious Universe

(first published 1930)

James Jeans (1877-1946)
Language: English

One of the earliest of the popular science book genre, it is a philosophical summary of the new physics of the era by a leading British physicist. Keeping technical references to a bare minimum, Jeans argues that physics has entered a new age in which mathematical representation has supplanted mechanical models.
(Summary by Peter Tucker)

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Total running time: 4:03:30 – Read in English by Peter Tucker

0 – Foreword – 4:00 min [download all sections]
1 – Section 1 – 20:38 min
2 – Section 2 – 49:16 min
3 – Section 3 – 52:16 min
4 – Section 4 – 51:31 min
5 – Section 5 – 65:49 min

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