St. Francis of Assisi

(first published 1923)

G. K. Chesterton (1874 – 1936)
Language: English

In this brief but lively biography, G.K. Chesterton brings all his typical wit and insight into discussing Francis of Assisi. Francis is arguably the most significant canonised Christian outside of the New Testament. His passionate life included so many elements of the Christian walk: a deep appreciation for evangelism, social justice, the environment, mysticism, pacifism. Chesterton reveals all of these elements, for all their vibrancy and beauty in Francis. ( Summary by Matthew James Gray)

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Total running time: 4:08:34 – Read in English by Matthew James Gray

01 – The Problem of St. Francis – 17:44
02 – The World St. Francis Found – 33.13
03 – Francis the Fighter – 28.16
04 – Francis the Builder – 24.10
05 – Le Jongleur de Dieu – 33.03
06 – The Poor Little Man – 31.48
07 – The Three Orders – 32.16
08 – The Mirror of Christ – 30.53
09 – Miracles and Death – 28.50
10 – The Testament of St Francis – 21.32

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Catalogued 18. December 2013