Oscar Wilde Twice Defended

Cover picture(first published 1934)

Robert Sherard (1861 – 1943)
Language: English

Robert Sherard was Oscar Wilde’s friend of 20 years and first biographer. The Life of Oscar Wilde was the last of the four books he wrote about the Irish playwright and wit. Oscar Wilde Twice Defended is a shorter work than his full length biographies (The Life of Oscar Wilde, and The Real Oscar Wilde), in which Sherard responds to other Wildean biographers, including AndrĂ© Gide and Frank Harris. (summary by Rob Marland)

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Total running time: 2:20:17 – Read in English by Rob Marland

1 – Andre Gide’s Wicked Lies (1/2) – 42:04 min [download all sections]
2 – Andre Gide’s Wicked Lies (2/2)- 43:34 min
3 – Oscar Wilde ‘Drunkard and Swindler’ – 42:45 min
4 – An Interview With Mr. George Bernard Shaw – 11:54 min

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