Do we allow multiple versions?

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Do we allow multiple versions?

Post by Piotrek » Tue 7. Jan 2014, 14:35

I haven't noticed any info about whether or not we follow the "choice of voice" rule. Given how small our catalogue still is, it's no wonder really if this hasn't been discussed. Still, soon I'll be launching vol. 2 of Lovecraft short works collection and I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of the possibility to read their chosen story just because it has already been recorded.

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Re: Do we allow multiple versions?

Post by neckertb » Tue 7. Jan 2014, 18:42

I don't see why it should not be allowed... Same arguments as for LV, allow the listener to choose their voice and all that. They make sense to me :)

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Re: Do we allow multiple versions?

Post by Viktor » Tue 7. Jan 2014, 22:23

Exactly. I do not even see on what grounds we should be allowed to refuse a recording, just because it's not the first one. I always loved this LV policy, I have a theory that it removes a lot of the pressure we see on Wikipedia.

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Re: Do we allow multiple versions?

Post by Hokuspokus » Wed 8. Jan 2014, 08:33

I completely agree!
As a reader I tend to think really hard before I record something that is already recorded but I love to know that I could if I wish.

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