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Re: solo [ENGLISH] The Guermantes Way by Marcel Proust - vik

Post by Tuberous Chairs » Mon 10. Feb 2020, 16:55

Corrected Section 20 and new Section 21 uploaded.

Just read that Andre Breton, the future leader of the Surrealists, proof read the first volume of The Guermantes Way. Despite hating gay men and being a Marxist, he liked it and Proust got on with him, nominating him for an award. (Proust and Joyce did not get on on the one occasion they met) Despite Breton's efforts, lots of errors got through - Proust's handwriting and many revisions were difficult to decipher and Proust had chosen a Swiss waiter as his secretary more for his looks than his ability to write or speak French.
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Re: solo [ENGLISH] The Guermantes Way by Marcel Proust - vik

Post by Newgatenovelist » Tue 11. Feb 2020, 17:30

Section 20 is spot PL OK and section 21 is PL OK.

That's a lovely glimpse in Proust's life. Friendships that seem superficially unlikely so frequently are productive, and I wasn't aware of this meeting of creative minds.

Does the biography you're reading contain any images of Proust's handwriting? I don't know how illegible it is. I'm afraid I don't know anything half as good as the attractive secretary, but it may amuse you to learn that Dickens believed that his terrible penmanship ensured that his manuscripts were typeset by the best, most experienced compositors. It seems rather hard on the other authors, not to mention the compositors, though it is a novel excuse for poor handwriting.

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