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HTTPS and IPv6

Posted: Sat 2. Apr 2016, 15:14
by Viktor
The general direction in browser development is to consider non-encrypted ("http://") connections as obsolete and unsafe, and our hoster TuxFamily just did one step in this direction: They have installed LetsEncrypt certificates for all their sites. That means: forum and blog are now also accessible with secure connections ("https://").

At the moment, your browser might still display some "warnings", as even when you load, pictures get loaded through HTTP because there are "http://" links in the postings. So your browser says "this is only partially encrypted". In the weeks to come, I will replace all links with "https://" (no need for manual editing!) and enforce HTTPS for all visitors.

As for the other sites on a different server - the uploader and the downloader - there it's me who has to get some (free) LetsEncrypt certificates first and install them. This should also happen within the next two months.

IPv6 access will also be possible, but that's a separate subject. It's important for the future, but not for the present, as today everyone in the web still has access to traditional IPv4.

Re: HTTPS and IPv6

Posted: Fri 15. Apr 2016, 16:39
by J_N
While I understand this all only partially - thanks for your work :D

Re: HTTPS and IPv6

Posted: Fri 9. Dec 2016, 22:47
by Viktor
Progress over the last couple of days - all Legamus services are now using HTTPS by default. As said above, minor warnings may be indicated by the browsers because of non-HTTPS links to images. Soon that will work, too, but I want to wait a bit to see that no catastrophic failures are happening at this point.

Oh, and IPv6 also works!