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manual for the new MW

Posted: Mon 2. Dec 2013, 10:00
by crowwings
There is the option for a new MW available now. If you want to tranfer an existing, already running project to the new MW, please contact your MC for creating the MW, else the new MW option will be for future project only.

How to use the new MW:

For BCs and DPLs.

As soon as you started a new project and found a MC, your MC will create an empty MagicWindow (MW) for you and provide you with a password. The password will be for this MagicWindow only.
If you have several projects at the same time, you will get several passwords ... keep them save!

As soon as you open the link to your MagicWindow, you will notice a little login-link on the bottom of the window. Use it.
After log-in you notice small edit-images at the end of each section line and at the top of most columns.
click them for editing single lines or whole columns. After editing, SAVE your changes!

Especially long columns might take some time to open or to save. Please be patient, don't click twice!

You can add or delete single section-lines at the bottom of the table.

If you want to change the headlines, please contact your MC.

You forgot the password? - Please contact your MC!

If you notice any problems or if you have any question concerning the entries of the table, status messages or such, contact your MC.

Cheers! Ramona