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Forum software update - OpenID logins will go away

Posted: Sun 9. Apr 2017, 11:44
by Viktor
Soon there will be an update of the forum software. Unfortunately, the possibility of OpenID logins will go away. This only concerns a very tiny group of users here.

The idea of storing a password at a location of the user's choice - or, in other words, of federated web single sign-on - is still very attractive. Unfortunately, multiple standards that look good on paper have failed due to lack of traction, and get obsolete already while implementations are not even available yet. Mozilla's Persona system has been abandoned, OpenID 2.0 is obsoleted by OpenID Connect, plug-ins for software as our forum are not maintained...

So until there's a good solution, I'm afraid everyone has to continue using usernames and passwords on this forum. At least everything is transmitted over HTTPS by now. But please don't re-use any passwords you use for other, important sites!

Re: Forum software update - OpenID logins will go away

Posted: Mon 8. May 2017, 23:53
by Viktor
The forum software has now been updated.