COMPLETE solo [ENGLISH] Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Solo or group efforts that are fully available for listeners
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Re: solo [ENGLISH] Orlando by Virginia Woolf

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That works -- and it looks great! No, no name needed on the cover. :D Thank you for all your time Julia (and thanks in advance, Viktor!)
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Re: solo [ENGLISH] Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Post by Viktor »


Download page is ready:

I did the little change in the ID3 tags as you described, otherwise they were perfect.

For cover pictures - our uploader also accepts JPEG and some other formats, though it is not advertised.
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Re: solo [ENGLISH] Orlando by Virginia Woolf

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Thank you!

This project is now complete! All audio files can be found on our catalog page:

I just noticed you also read "A room of one's own"... I think I'll download this now :D
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