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[eng/GROUP] Short Stories I by F. Scott Fitzgerald - crow

Posted: Mon 28. Apr 2014, 09:31
by crowwings
Short Stories I by F. Scott Fitzgerald (*1896 - † 1940)
F Scott Fitzgerald was an American writer and a contemporary of Virginia Woolf.

Fitzgerald is considered by many to be one of the twentieth century's greatest writers and "The Great Gatsby" is a 20th Century classic. The article on the book at Wikipedia notes that "the novel chronicles an era that Fitzgerald himself dubbed the 'Jazz Age.'
Following the shock and chaos of World War I, American society enjoyed unprecedented levels of prosperity during the 'roaring' 1920s as the economy soared. At the same time, Prohibition, the ban on the sale and manufacture of alcohol mandated by the Eighteenth Amendment, made millionaires out of bootleggers and led to an increase in organized crime. Although Fitzgerald, like Nick Carraway in his novel, idolized the riches and glamour of the age, he was uncomfortable with the unrestrained materialism and lack of morality that went with it."...
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Re: [eng/GROUP] Short Stories I by F. Scott Fitzgerald - cro

Posted: Mon 28. Apr 2014, 09:48
by crowwings
Here is a list and word count of all the stories you might use.
You can find them all here:
Choose any you want, but make sure, that it is not already claimed ... check the Magic Window for that ...
Some stories need splitting into two parts, check the hints below.

If your recording takes over 65 minutes (slow reading might cause that) and the story is not split yet, then do so by yourself, but don't forget to tell us, so that we can adjust the magic window. THANKS!

WINTER DREAMS Metropolitan Magazine (December 1922) --- (ca. 8000 words)

DICE, BRASSKNUCKLES & GUITAR International (May 1923) --- (ca. 8600 words)
---- end at: ..."is to pretend you never saw no barber."
------ start second part at: "They were now at the south end of the village a.."

GRETCHEN'S FORTY WINKS Saturday Evening Post (15 March, 1924) --- (ca. 6600 words)

ABSOLUTION The American Mercury (June 1924) --- (ca. 5600 words)

RAGS MARTIN-JONES AND THE PRiNCE OF WALES McCall's (July 1924) --- (ca. 6300 words)

"THE SENSIBLE THING" Liberty (15 July, 1924) --- (ca. 5000 words)

THE BABY PARTY Hearst's International (February 1925) --- (ca. 4300 words)

LOVE IN THE NIGHT Saturday Evening Post (14 March, 1925) --- (ca. 6100 words)

THE RICH BOY Red Book (January and February 1926) --- (ca. 13 500 words)
---- end at: " ...into his hands and cry like a child."
------ start second part at: (chapter V ) In 1922 when Anson went abroad ...

JACOB'S LADDER Saturday Evening Post (20 August, 1927) --- (ca. 8800 words)
---- end at: " ... more sailing he disposed of it and went to California."
------ start second part at: "chapter IV
Jenny met him at the station, kissed him and clung to his arm ..."

A SHORT TRIP HOME Saturday Evening Post (17 December, 1927) --- (ca. 7700 words)

THE BOWL Saturday Evening Post (21 January, 1928) --- (ca. 9000 words)
---- end at: " ... who sat there with youth and hope and beauty in his arms."
------ start second part at: "Dolly's mother took a place on Ram's Point, Long Island,...."

MAGNETISM Saturday Evening Post (3 March, 1928) --- (ca. 8000 words)

SCANDAL DETECTIVES, THE Saturday Evening Post (28 April, 1928) --- (ca. 7000 words)

A NIGHT AT THE FAIR Saturday Evening Post (July 21, 1928) --- (ca. 6000 words)

BASIL: THE FRESHEST BOY Saturday Evening Post (28 July, 1928) --- (ca. 7900 words)

HE THINKS HE'S WONDERFUL Saturday Evening Post (29 September, 1928) --- (ca. 7000 words)

OUTSIDE THE CABINET-MAKER'S Century Magazine (December, 1928) --- (ca. 1500 words)

THE CAPTURED SHADOW Saturday Evening Post (29 December, 1928) --- (ca. 6900 words)

PERFECT LIFE, THE Saturday Evening Post (5 January, 1929) --- (ca. 8000 words)

FORGING AHEAD Saturday Evening Post (March 30, 1929) --- (ca. 6400 words)

BASIL AND CLEOPATRA Saturday Evening Post (27 April, 1929) --- (ca. 6800 words)

THE LAST OF THE BELLES Saturday Evening Post (2 March, 1929) --- (ca. 6000 words)

THE ROUGH CROSSING Saturday Evening Post (8 June, 1929) --- (ca. 6800 words)

MAJESTY Saturday Evening Post (13 July, 1929) --- (ca. 6800 words)

AT YOUR AGE Saturday Evening Post (17 August, 1929) --- (ca. 5400 words)

THE SWIMMERS Saturday Evening Post (19 October, 1929) --- (ca. 7100 words)

TWO WRONGS Saturday Evening Post (18 January, 1930) --- (ca. 7100 words)

FIRST BLOOD Saturday Evening Post (5 April, 1930) --- (ca. 6200 words)

A NICE QUIET PLACE Saturday Evening Post (31 May, 1930) --- (ca. 6700 words)

THE BRIDAL PARTY Saturday Evening Post (9 August, 1930) --- (ca. 6600 words)

JOSEPHINE: A WOMAN WITH A PAST Saturday Evening Post (6 September, 1930) --- (ca. 7000 words)

ONE TRIP ABROAD Saturday Evening Post (11 October, 1930) --- (ca. 8500 words)
---- end at: " ...forgot the incident until that afternoon."
------ start second part at: "They were twelve for luncheon: ...

THE HOTEL CHILD Saturday Evening Post (31 January, 1931) --- (ca. 7300 words)

BABYLON REVISITED Saturday Evening Post (21 February, 1931) --- (ca. 7300 words)

A NEW LEAF Saturday Evening Post (4 July, 1931) --- (ca. 4200 words)

EMOTIONAL BANKRUPTCY Saturday Evening Post (15 August, 1931) --- (ca. 6000 words)

A FREEZE-OUT Saturday Evening Post (19 December, 1931) --- (ca. 7800 words)

SIX OF ONE Redbook (February 1932) --- (ca. 5400 words)

FAMILY IN THE WIND Saturday Evening Post (4 June, 1932) --- (ca. 6800 words)

WHAT A HANDSOME PAIR! Saturday Evening Post (27 August, 1932) --- (ca. 7000 words)

CRAZY SUNDAY American Mercury (October 1932) --- (ca. 6500 words)

ONE INTERNE Saturday Evening Post (5 November, 1932) --- (ca. 6900 words)

MORE THAN JUST A HOUSE Saturday Evening Post (24 June, 1933) --- (ca. 6500 words)

FIEND, THE Esquire --- (ca. 2300 words)

NIGHT AT CHANCELLORSVILLE, THE Esquire (February 1935) --- (ca. 1700 words)

AFTERNOON OF AN AUTHOR Esquire (August 1936) --- (ca. 2100 words)

"I DIDN'T GET OVER" Esquire (October 1936) --- (ca. 2600 words)

AN ALCOHOLIC CASE Esquire (February 1937) --- (ca. 3000 words)

FINANCING FINNEGAN Esquire (January 1938) --- (ca. 3300 words)

DESIGN IN PLASTER Esquire (November 1939) --- (ca. 1950 words)

THE LOST DECADE Esquire (December 1939) --- (ca. 1500 words)

THREE HOURS BETWEEN PLANES Esquire (July 1941) ----- (ca. 2000 )

Happy recording!! 8-)

Re: [eng/GROUP] Short Stories I by F. Scott Fitzgerald - cro

Posted: Sun 2. Nov 2014, 18:27
by lezer
Can I read the story: "Three hours between planes" please?

Re: [eng/GROUP] Short Stories I by F. Scott Fitzgerald - cro

Posted: Wed 12. Nov 2014, 21:50
by crowwings
Yes of course you can, sorry lost track of this thread for a while!
I'll put you on the MW!

You get the section 01 ... happy recordings!

Re: [eng/GROUP] Short Stories I by F. Scott Fitzgerald - crow

Posted: Fri 5. Jan 2018, 10:24
by T Kaushik

I noticed that there has not been much activity for some time on this forum. The latest posts appear to be from 2014. I am interested in reading for some of the F. Scott Fitzgerald's Short Stories. Please let me know if this forum is still active and you are accepting readers' contributions.

Thank you!

T Kaushik

Re: [eng/GROUP] Short Stories I by F. Scott Fitzgerald - crow

Posted: Sat 6. Jan 2018, 16:26
by Cori
Good to have you joining us, T ... yes, the forum is still active, though rather quiet at the moment. And this particular project seems to have dropped off the radar a little, so I appreciate you posting to wake it up. :D

We'd be happy to accept contributions! Have you recorded at LibriVox or elsewhere, or is this a new venture?