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Short children's book idea (in Dutch)

Posted: Sat 23. Jul 2016, 00:30
by lezer
Hi everyone,
I had my nephews to visit the last two days, 7 + 9 years old. We had fun recording an old children's book, that is, I coached them and they did the recording. It's a story that was published anonymously more than 70 years ago, so complies with European copyright rules, I believe.
Text: (the exact publication date is unknown, but it is known to be before 1930).

My question: would it be OK to submit the recording by the boys to Legamus? Of course, I'll make sure the quality is good enough.

In total, when I'm finished with the editing, it will probably be about 20 minutes. Would it be OK as a stand-alone, or would you prefer it if I recorded a handful of other such short Dutch children's stories myself, and make a collection of them?

And if you agree to accept the recording, how would you like to go about having the boys recognized: their parents are OK with them doing this, we want to only put in their first names - would you like an official approval from the parents?

Hope I'm not raising issues that are too complicated. I'd be happy to submit the recording for inspection first, before the final ruling, of course.

Re: Short children's book idea (in Dutch)

Posted: Fri 29. Jul 2016, 09:31
by Hokuspokus
Hi Anna,

The text is clearly pd here, so there is no problem there. We will need a written approval from the parents. But we never had that case, so I have not idea where you/they should send it. I'll ask about that.

First names only is perfect. I would object to full names of children, what ever the parents might say. You could even choose another CC licence on it, so you or the parents can intervene when someone does something not nice with the recording.

Stand alone solo is fine. We have shorter solos in the cataloge.

You can post the project in the launch pad. I'll be happy to MC.

Re: Short children's book idea (in Dutch)

Posted: Sun 7. Aug 2016, 19:55
by lezer
Thank you, Hokus. I'll post it as a project.
Parents are on holiday right now, and I'm about to leave for holiday as well - so will probably work on it more in September.