Parade's End

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Parade's End

Post by eggs4ears »

Parade's End (1924-28), Ford Madox Ford (d.1939) is back on the bookshelves in the UK - presumably due to the TV show. Gutenberg Australia has the first three books but not the fourth.
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Re: Parade's End

Post by J_N »

Hathi Trust has The Last Post (2 editions):

Which is somewhat surprising... shouldn't it still be under copyright in the US :|

I also have a free .mobi Version of all 4 books, that I could share :)
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Re: Parade's End

Post by Cori »

I think Hathi may have erred on this one, but I don't know for sure.

I may have had a look at these, oh, let's see, perhaps two Fridays ago ;) ... if I remember rightly, the first is about 12 hrs, second is 9, third is 7-8.
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