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PD in 2018

Posted: Sat 27. Jan 2018, 11:06
by Viktor
Among many others, the following authors'/artists' work has entered the public domain in 2018 in life+70 countries: ... +_70_years

I particularly see two famous German writers there: Ricarda Huch and Hans Fallada. For the British, there is E. M. Hull.

(Some other lists are made for life+50 countries - they include artists like Réné Magritte, but most of us live in life+70 countries!)

Never included in such lists, but also very important, I think, are the countless translators whose now-PD work allows us to record famous classics in other languages!

Re: PD in 2018

Posted: Sat 27. Jan 2018, 15:21
by Cori
Oooh, good list, Viktor!

I spent some time looking at Hugh Lofting (Dr Doolittle) and Baroness Orczy (Scarlet Pimpernel) -- both have series started at LibriVox that could be finished here now. Expat Americans (and others!) might be interested in Willa Cather's later work too.