Problem regarding a contributor’s pages within a book

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Problem regarding a contributor’s pages within a book

Post by TND » Fri 24. May 2019, 20:07

Hi Everyone

I’ve signed up with Legamus to hopefully record a book that I wouldn’t be allowed to produce with Librivox but now discover that I might have a problem.

I bought an (old) second-hand book recently and the publication date is given as 1930 and I know that the author died in 1935 – so far, so good!

However, the book also contains a two page contribution by a local naturalist who died in 1986.

These two pages give a brief summary of the molluscs found in the Norfolk Broads and a list of the various species that the naturalist has encountered there. In theory, these pages could be omitted without having an adverse effect on the book itself.

Would I be able to record this book for Legamus, given that this contributor only died some twenty-three years ago?

Any thoughts or comments would be really welcome.



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Re: Problem regarding a contributor’s pages within a book

Post by Viktor » Fri 14. Jun 2019, 21:57

Hello TND!

Very sorry for this late answer! I'd say, it all depends on how sure you are to be able to separate the recent contributions.

Only if you are 100% sure to identify the sections that have been written exclusively by the author who died in 1935, we can take it. If the local naturalist really only did those two pages which you'll omit, everything should be fine.

But if that naturalist might also have edited the other pages, no matter how slightly - even if he just shortened some bits - then the whole thing has to be considered to be under copyright. The best solution would be to get another, really old copy, that only contains the original text. But I guess that's hard to get?

Best wishes,

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