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by Clivec
Sun 2. Aug 2015, 22:10
Forum: Book Suggestions
Topic: Lovecraft works, still unrecorded (or in progress)
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Re: Lovecraft works, still unrecorded (or in progress)

If no one has picked it up by the end of September I will do At the Mountains of Madness as a solo. Because of the first-person narrator this novella would be best done as a solo IMO. I can't pick it up before the end of September due to other commitments. I'd like to do this book, but if someone el...
by Clivec
Sun 26. Jul 2015, 23:16
Forum: About Legamus
Topic: Welcome everybody!
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Re: Welcome everybody!


Only just discovered Legamus from a stray posting at LV. Looks like a great idea!

Clive Catterall